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Born: April 2016

Miss Texas Starr (Sandi), is our miracle puppy!  After searching  for months

we finally decided to get a puppy from SKY & EPIC at Lake Country Goldens

in Michigan.  Both parents are English Cream Goldens and have really great

hip scores (90 & 95% PENN Hip) and also their Elbow, Heart &

Eye clearances. Her mother Sky, was a National and International UCI

 Junior CH, UCI National and International Champion, Badenova Empty Skies.

Her father, Epic is a 2016 UCI International Champion.  They both have numerous

championships throughout their pedigree.  Please click on the buttons 

labeled Sky & Epic below for their full information and health clearances.

Sandi is an extremely sweet, fun loving spunky dog.  She loves to explore our yard, the

park near us, or just hanging out while I do yard work.  She has Snowy, Skye and

Starr to play with and used to be great with our cat.  We have a turtle friend that she is

always able to locate somehow in our yard.  She LOVES to swim. She swims 

year round to our dismay - yes, she thinks she is a polar bear!  She also loves

to float on a huge Unicorn and has decided that the other dogs are

not allowed on it.  Watching TV is another funny event for our girls.  The 

other dogs we had, ignored it but the creams constantly find animals to watch.

For the last 30 years we have always had dogs either by fostering or 

owning but we have never showed any dogs in the ring.  Well, we gave it a

try with Sandi when she was a pup - she did awesome but we definitely need to find

someone to show us the ropes.


Sandi's Dam - Sky
Epic is Sandi's sire

More Pictures of Sandi

Sandi xmas 2017 CA-2.jpg
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