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Mando Rebel Starr
Mando Lazy Days
Mando Boating
Mando Watching the Bachelor
Mando the Golden

Rebel Starr of Mandalore - Mando

Mando was our puppy born during Covid and was able to experience the great

Texas Snovid as a young pup.  He is a big, hunky ball of floof that loves to play and go on adventures!  His mom is Snowy and his dad is Rebel, a champion from Hillsong Goldens and his granddad was Thor.  Mando

was a very chill puppy that learns very easily and loves to ruff house with his mom & grandma. Mando is now a big boy and has great adventures with boating, hiking and just enjoying life with his hooman pawents - Trey & Amanda!  Mando takes after his grandma Sandi and LOVES the water.   See some video of him below.

 He has his own Instagram account - LifeOfMandoTheEnglishCream

Fav Toy - Grogru stuffie!

Fav girl friend - Lemmon from Skarlotte Goldens

Fav car - Honda Pilot - He loves to look at everything!



DM -       Clear           

GRPRA1 - Clear           

GRPRA2 - Clear  

PRCD -    Clear

MD -       Clear

ICH -       Clear

NCLGR -   Clear

           Genetics by Animal Genetics

Hips passed prelims - Good
Elbows passed prelims
Heart - GR-BCA-5439/20M/P-VPI

Mando's Pup Pics

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