Born 12/23/2018
Dam: Miss Texas Starr (Sandi)
Sire: Majik Wonderboy (Marcel from English Rose Goldens)/23/2018

Snowy watching her mom swim
Snowy checking out the pool
Snowy Hanging Out
Snowy and Mom
Snowy pup
Snowy having fun with Dad
Snowy playing with pup
Snowy playing with pups!
Snowy Chilling

SnowStarr (Snowy), is our sweet girl that still doesn't want to swim but loves to

hang out and talk with us.  Snowy will always have something in her 

mouth - her fav stuffies, shoes, plastic bottles or whatever else she can grab.

She doesn't tear them up - just trots them around for everyone to see.  

 Watching TV is another funny event for Snowball and her mom.  Lexi  

 ignores it but they constantly find animals to watch. Another fun talent for

Snowy is that she loves to talk to us.  She has this funny moan that she uses

when she wants something. We have nicknamed her "moaning Myrtle" - Mike

thinks she wants to be a husky but can't get it right! 

She is from Sandi's first litter - 

Her sire is Marcel, a Champion from East Texas with awesome

health clearances and beautiful silky long hair.  We are getting ready to breed Snowy

with Rebel, from HillSong Goldens.  We are really excited for the match and will hopefully 

have puppies in mid- January. 



DM -       Clear    OFA: GR-EL42131F24-VPI        

GRPRA1 - Clear           EYES - Normal

GRPRA2 - Clear  

PRCD -    Clear

MD -       Clear

ICH -       Clear

Genetics by Animal Genetics

Born 1/7/2021
Dam: SnowStarr of Texas (Snowy)
Sire: Rebel (from Hillsong)/7/2021

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Mando Blue Bonnets 2021-4
Mando Blue Bonnets 2021-2

Rebel Starr of Mandalore - Mando

Mando was our puppy born during Covid and was able to experience the great

Texas Snovid as a young pup.  His mom is Snowy and his dad is Rebel from Hillsong Goldens.  Mando

is a very chill puppy that learns very easily and loves to ruff house with his mom & grandma.  Mando  loves exploring the outdoors and seems to like water.  We will see how he does in the pool this summer.  

We are looking forward to getting Mando's health clearances so that we can use him in our

breeding program. He has his own Instagram account - LifeOfMandoTheEnglishCream

Fav Toy - Grogru stuffie!

Fav girl friend - Lemmon from Skarlotte Goldens

Fav car - Honda Pilot - He loves to look at everything!