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Farley Goldens

Frequently Asked Questions

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When do the puppies go to their furever homes?  At 8-9 weeks of age is when we usually let them go to the new homes. 

How Much do they cost? Our puppies cost between $3200-3400.  This is for non breeding purposes only. They are AKC limited registration.  (basically, pets only) Our prices depend on the size of the litter and which sire is used.

What shots do the puppies get before going to their homes?

Our puppies all have their first round of puppy shots done along with a complete vet check up before leaving our home at 8-9 weeks old. We also test them for worms and have them micro chipped. 

Do you crate train them? When they are 4+ weeks old, we will have crates in the play area that they can get used to.  They have the doors off and we will put treats in there randomly so they can get used to it being a safe place. We do not fully crate train them. We will take them on several short car rides in a crate before they go to their new homes to help them get used to the car and crate.  

What genetic testing do you do?

We test our Goldens for DM, GRPRA1, GRPRA2, PRCD, MD, and ICH.  We also test their eyes, heart, elbows & hips and now thyroid.

Do You Ship Puppies?

I'm sorry but we don't ship our puppies.  We also won't sell our pups to anyone without having met them in person.  When the puppies are 5-6 weeks old we do weekly visits with the new owners and let them get used to you and help with their socialization activities. We do have strict procedures for the pups safety but so far everyone has worked with us to help keep them safe.  

Do Golden Retrievers shed much? Yes, Goldens do shed a lot.  Brushing them outside helps but they will leave your home with "Golden Glitter".  Routine cleaning helps & just don't expect to have a dog hair free home.  If dog hair bothers you or your family, then I strongly suggest you pick a different breed.

Why do they call Goldens Velcro dogs?  Goldens have a habit of following you around the house from room to room.  If you go to the kitchen or bathroom - they will follow you and usually want pets!  They don't understand off limits. They LOVE to be with their humans.  This is one reason that if you travel a lot or work long hours, Goldens will tend to stress out if you're not home.  Please make sure you have the time to dedicate to your Golden.  They also love walks, play times, and love learning games & tricks.  

What Is Puppy Culture & what do you do for socialization with the pups?  Puppy Culture is a system that we follow with the puppies starting day 3 until they go to their furever homes.  The best way to understand it is to go to & watch their video.  Their system gives us breeders a way to follow an organized system to help build loving, confident puppies in the first 12 weeks of their life.  It helps with prenatal preparation, daily and weekly advice with the pups and so many things to do at different stages in the puppies growth.  We also follow a lot of the Good Dog/Avidog University advice and socialization procedures.  I have noticed that the litters that we've used Puppy Culture with are noticeably more confident, and ready to experience life then before we followed it.  A good example is when we first let the puppies outside to explore our grass area, whenever a plane would go over the first few times the pups would be scared because it's a new scarey noise. Well, our first litter we followed the Puppy Culture system & when they went outside a plane came really unusually close to us and the puppies were looking all over for it but not one whined or was scared.  They just looked for the noise trying to understand it!  All puppies will go through fear stages but we feel they learn how better to cope with it. 

What Other Socialization do you do? Mike & I have always tried to find ways to broaden the puppies worlds.  When they are little we do walks around the house (we carry them) & explore new sounds & smells.  We also have started using Early Scent Introduction (ENI) from day 3-16 along with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).  The puppies are given a new scent to smell for about 5 seconds each day until 16 days old.  One thing we are also working on with the 4 week old + pups is getting them used to Laura working next to them on the computer for an hour or so where they don't get any stimulation.  They need to understand quiet time also.  Because they do love to play, play, play!

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