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Our family has owned dogs for over 35 years.  Our dogs are family to us.  We have fostered dogs, cats and rabbits for the SPCA, adopted dogs, and helped our daughter with her rescued race horse (Jake) who passed away last year.  


Our first golden retriever, Snooks, was a rescue from the pound when Laura was just out of college. Snooks was a sweet and attentive golden retriever! She would alert us anytime our first born would cry! 

Our next was when Laura's boss decided to re-home his golden, Rusty.  Rusty was a known landscape architect in the dog world! He pulled up an entire sprinkler system! We later found out he was allergic to grass.  

Then there was Tyson, a golden that couldn't cope with his anxiety with storms. We adopted him from a friend. Tyson was the greatest mud budy for all the Farley children. He would frequently dig under our fence just to follow the kids to school!


After that we purchased from puppyhood - Princess, Lady, and Kody that we bought from breeders besides the 4 we have now and our 3 grandpa's that our children own. 

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Farley Golden Ret-12_edited.jpg
Mike and Laura Farley, Owners

Owners:  Mike and Laura Farley -  We have 3 grown children that our dogs love!  Mike designs custom swimming pools in the DFW area and Laura does his marketing.  Our dogs appear in various places, including Mike's youtube videos and even Pool & Spa magazine.  

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Dogs Img Jan 2022-4
Dogs Feb 2022 Snow days-4
Dogs Img Jan 2022-7
Dogs Nov 2021 iphone SM-120
Dogs Img Jan 2022-27
Chelsea holding puppy
Polaris sniffing Lady
Farley Golden Ret-33
Dogs Img Jan 2022-32
Farley Golden meets cat
Farley Goldens
Sandi Shaking off
Shonni Loving on Lady Wildcat
Chelsea and Jake
Mike Farley
Trey and Troy Farley
Farley Goldens Snack Time
Dogs Img Jan 2022-19

Goldens are forever!

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