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The Farley Difference

We are not your traditional breeder! We do things differently because we love our dogs differently!

We do not ship our puppies!

Our dogs sleep in our bedroom - except Maks that

prefers the living room couch!

We focus on enhancing each puppies confidence, trust and love! We will send the puppy home with homework and training for you to continue! 

Dogs are not easy pets! They need more than food, water and shelter! They crave love! They dig holes! They chew everything they can think of! 


The golden retrievers we own have been carefully selected for good health, companionship, loyalty, smarts and loving temperment.  They are AKC registered and health tested. We have been careful to look for healthy parents, and are home raised (definately not puppy mills).  We research pedigrees and health history of all our breeding dogs looking for good hips, genetics, thyroid issues and to make sure they are all far below the average for COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding). All of our dogs  sleep inside with us and crave lots of love. Our females and studs we are breeding go through ob care with Josey Pet Ranch Hospital in Carrolton.  They do progesterone testing, sonograms and an X-ray to make sure the health of the mom and pups are taken care of.  They also check out all the pups afterward.


Our whole family helps with early socialization (and their friends) to help the pups adjust when they finally go to their forever homes. We are very excited to be following the "Puppy Culture" methods with the last few litters.  We have always tried to socialize our pups before sending them off to their new homes and being able to add their methods to what we already do should really make a positive impact. We like to share the journey of the puppy growing up process by taking pictures & videos from day 1 so the future puppy owner can see their pup grow even though they don't meet them until later.  They get to explore and experience the world a little before going home with you.

We have had quite a few requests in the past for us to ship puppies.  Yes, most breeders ship puppies but we strongly feel that it is best to be able to meet the prospective families/adoptors and let them meet us, answer any questions and meet our dogs and then again as soon as they turn 5-6 weeks old weekly.  That way when they go home with you at 9 weeks old they already know your scent and you have been a part of their training already. We feel the puppies adjust better this way.   

Mike and Laura Farley, Owners
Dogs Feb 2022 Snow days-7.jpg


Farley Goldens-8_edited.jpg
Skye & Starr Feb 2022 Snow days-3
Puppies Have a Heart
Mr Blue & Leanna 6 weeks
Chelsea holding puppy
Polaris sniffing Lady
Farley Golden Ret-33
Farley Golden meets cat
Farley Goldens
Shonni Loving on Lady Wildcat
Sandi Shaking off
Chelsea and Jake
Mike Farley
Farley Goldens Snack Time
Trey and Troy Farley
July 2020 Dogs-29
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