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Sandi - pups day 1 SM-1_edited.jpg

Sandi & Maks had 8 pups Dec 9th!

Ltd Registration

(Pet Only)

Your Puppy Comes With:

  • AKC ltd registered - pet only

  • First set of Vaccinations.

  • Vet Checked   

  • Microchipped                

  • 1 bag of starter puppy food

  • 1 small blanket with his/her families scents

  • 1 year health guarantee

  • One favorite toy

  • Copies of pictures & video featuring the 1st 8 weeks of your puppy's life.

If you are interested in a puppy start by filling out the Puppy Application.  We will open this as soon as we have litter confirmation (open now).


You will indicate a preference for gender on your application and traits you are looking for. Please realize that your preference may not be available.

After receiving your puppy application, we will set up a meet and greet with our adult dogs. You will receive an email to schedule a visit. 


After your visit and Puppy Application final approval - a deposit of $500 will be due.


 We will NOT ask you for a deposit until after you have met us & our dogs and are approved through our process.  

Deposits indicate your intent & commitment to provide a forever home to one of our puppies. 

 We will schedule puppy visits with approved homes starting around 5-6 weeks of age. This way

when they go home with you at 8-9 weeks old they already know your scent and you have been a part of their training already. We feel the puppies adjust better this way. 

We also post videos and pictures to help you get an overall feel for the litter.  

Check out our Facebook, Tik-Tok & Instagram

page for pictures also! 

Meet the latest arrivals!

Sandi's last litter

Sandi - pups day 1 SM-5.jpg

Puppy placements are at the discretion of Farley Goldens.

Sorry, but we do NOT SHIP puppies! 

No Exceptions.  

Meet Skye

She was the fifth puppy born at  10:28 am & first girl pup from Sandi's last litter.  She has found her vocal cords at 2 weeks!  She somehow found herself on the bottom of a puppy pile and she let those boys know to let her out! We are keeping Skye & hope to add her to our breeding program later.

Ms. Pink day 1 nologo-3.jpg
6 weeks Pinky pup nologo-1
6 weeks Pinky pup sm-2
6 weeks Pink pup nologo-8
6 weeks Pink pup sm-5
where my broom
Ms Pinky 4 weeks old sm-19
Ms Pinky 4 weeks old sm-11
Ms Pinky 4 weeks old sm-9
Ms Pinky 4 weeks old sm-6
Ms Pinky 4 weeks old sm-20
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms. Pink day 1
Ms Pink day 1
Day 7 Ms Pink
Day 7 Ms Pink
Day 7 Ms Pink
Mr. Pinky 18 days old
Mr. Pinky 18 days old
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