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Animal Paw

We went to Yukon, Oklahoma to pick up Kody as a puppy.  He was the cutest thing!  He played & hung all over our other dogs.  Our oldest Golden, Princess let him sleep with her from day one.   He  couldn't catch the frisbee like Lady could, but he would let her catch it first and then tackle her for it.  Kody loves swimming in our pool.  Lady would take either her frisbee or tennis ball and drop it in the pool.  Then, it was Kody's job to swim over and fetch it for her.  They played like this for hours for years.  Sometimes our son Trey's friends would come over to swim & Kody would be right in the middle of them every time.  Kody also loves to play with his puppies.  He would come in the kitchen at morning play time and just lay down & let the pups crawl all over him.  He was a great dad. We retired both Lady & Kody from breeding in 2013  but Kody is waiting anxiously for Sandi's new litter to play with. He can't wait to teach them to swim! I guess we'll

call him Grandpa!

Sad to say that Kody got to play with Sandi's pups 

but he has now joined Lady over that Rainbow Bridge this last year - 2019. We will miss him terribly

Kody Bear Farley-2.jpg
Kody Bear Farley-6.jpg
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