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No New Litters Available Until
Jan 2024

Maks sired a litter with Lemmon from
Skarlotte Goldens - They possibly still have a couple pups looking for homes!  They are super cute & sweet.  If anyone is interested please check out their
website at 

Pinky Found a Great Home!

1st Week Time-Lapse:
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4 Weeks Old:

Sandi & Maks pups - Day 2:

Sandi & her pups day 2
Puppy pile day 2
Mr Red collar day 2
Sandi pup day 2
Sandis pup day 2
Mr Blue collar day 2
Ms Pinky day 2
Mr Green day 2
Day 2
Ms Lavendar Day 2
Mr Green being weighed Day 2
Ms Yellow day 2

Day 4 & 5:

Day 4 pups
Day 4 pups Sandi Maks
Day 4 pups
Day 4 pups naptime
Day 4 pups
Day 4 pups Pinky
Day 4 pups
Day 4 pups Sandi Maks
Day 4 pups Sandi Maks
Day 4 pups Sandi Maks litter
Day 4 pups
Sandi pups Day 5 2022 sm-19
Sandi pups Day 5 2022 sm-19
Sandi pups Day 5 2022 sm-5
Sandi pups Day 5 2022 sm-9
Sandi pups Day 5 2022 sm-22


Dogs playing ig Apr 2022 img nologo-42.jpg

After Sandi's litter our next Denton litters will be with Sandi's daughter Skye and Starr.  They still have some growing to do first & are going through all thier health evaluations.

You can follow them on fb, Instagram and Tik Tok!

When we have confirmed litters we will announce it and open up the puppy application link (open now).  We will then schedule visits so you can meet our adult dogs. Puppy prices will be set when the litter is born.  Sandi & Maks litter will be  $3500 each. We will also schedule some meet & greets soon at the park near our home so you can meet our adult dogs first.


We do take a deposit for approved homes once we've met you and have litter confirmation from our vet. We will never ask for money until then. The balance will be due when puppies are six weeks old.

Sandi pups 4 1-2 weeks old-1.jpg
Sandi Litter day 1 and 2-22_edited.jpg

Your Puppy Comes With:

  • AKC Ltd registered in your name

  • First set of Vaccinations.

  • Vet Checked   

  • Microchipped & registered in your info      

  • 1 bag of starter puppy food

  • 1 small blanket with his/her families scents

  • 1 year health guarantee

  • One of Sandi's favorite toys

  • Copies of pictures & video featuring the 1st 8 weeks of your puppy's life.

Puppy placements are at the discretion of Farley Goldens.

Sorry, but we do NOT SHIP puppies -

No Exceptions.  

Dogs Nov 2021 iphone SM-48_edited.png
Sandi puppies day 15 SM-9_edited.jpg
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