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Goldens Forever!

  Welcome to Farley Goldens. Golden Retrievers come in lots of different colors and sizes as well as fiercly loyal, loving, lovers of people and attention seekers!  We enjoy ours every day and hope it brings a smile to you by sharing some pics of our pups.  We sell English Cream Golden Retriever puppies (European lines that are cream colored). They are pure bred Golden Retrievers registered with AKC and microchipped before leaving our property. We only have 1 or 2 litters a year and sell to mostly local clients. Please check out our Upcoming puppies page for more info & to be put on a notification list where we'll email you when puppy applications are open. Not much is cuter than Golden Retriever puppies.


Our Next litters are estimated to
be born Feb 23rd &
March 2, 2024!

Go home dates will be approx
April 27- May 3rd.

Our Puppy Applications are
Now Open!
 We are also scheduling
Meet & Greets with the parents

Meet Tramin Tenderheart - Maks

Available for Stud Service

Golden Retriever Puppies 5 weeks old
Mando in the Texas bluebonnets

Farley Goldens Welcomes You With Open Paws!  


Rebel Starr of Mandalore - Mando

Our dogs are our family members. Goldens Retrievers are very loving, smart, sensitive and loyal animals. They are also extremely active, curious and playful. Our dogs are used to being a part of the family,

not shut up outside away from people.

 Puppies take a lot of patience, love and consistency.  Goldens need a lot of affection, attention and daily exercise.  They thrive on being with their human family.  The love they give back to your family is incredible.

Please don't pick a dog because it is cute.

Look at the qualities in their personalities and make sure you know what you are committing to. We are a small family breeder for companionship.  Our puppies are raised inside our home where they get lots of 24 hr attention the first few weeks & then moved to our kitchen area at 3 weeks old.

We use a very reputable Vet that specializes in breeding.

We don't sell our dogs after they are finished breeding.

We don't have a lot of litters.

We don't ship our puppies so you need to live close enough to visit a couple of times at least.

We do follow Puppy Culture and Avidog for ENS & socialization which builds confidence and trust.

Our puppies come from a home full of positive encouragement and lots of Love! 

English Cream Golden Retrievers - Snowball Farley

We have been a dog family for over thirty-five years! We have fostered dogs, cats and rabbits for the SPCA. We started to breed Goldens in 2011 and the rest is history! Learn more about our Family HERE

Mando the Golden Retriever puppy in the Blue Bonnets 2021
Pups 6 weeks old-1_edited.jpg

Our family believes in making a difference for families and their puppies! We are always finding new ways to help your puppy learn and adapt fluidly into its new home transition. We use Puppy Culture to build a foundation for each puppy in trust, companionship, love and learning skills. Check out the Farley Difference HERE!

Meet Sandi, Skye, Starr, Mando and Maks! Each dog has its own personality and we want to take the time to introduce you to them! We know you will love them as much as we do!

Meet our fur family HERE!

Sandi as a pup!
Golden Retriever puppies in Denton TX

Discover our next up and coming litter news and updates! We will post all the latest information HERE!


We all love cute puppy pictures!

If your just visiting this is the place to find the cutest pictures of our previous litters! We hold onto these pictures so our extended family can keep these precious moments forever! Find our past litter pictures HERE!

English Cream Golden Retriever puppies in Denton TX
15 day old Golden Retriever Puppies

Are you ready to take the next step? You can contact our family HERE with any questions or to schedule a meet and greet with our family.

If you are ready to expand your family with a Farley Golden this is the place to fill out your Puppy Application.

Mando Haute Sep 2023-7_edited.jpg

Do you love puppy pictures?

Do you love golden retrievers?

We frequently post pictures and videos of our pups on our Social Media

pages - Facebook, Instagram & Tik-Tok!

Goldens are for life!

We additionaly have LOTS of puppy videos on our YouTube Channel - Farley Pups

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